...ahora todo es bruma

Definitivamente vengo acá a volcar mis emociones y estados anímicos. Catarsis. En fin.
Así como alguna vez me saltó la felicidad por los poros al ver a Soda después de 10 años tocando juntos, hoy vengo a dejar asentadas las fuerzas para Gustavo Cerati que la está pasando... complicado.

Es raro, porque jamás entendí a quienes sienten algo por sus 'ídolos', y es más, pensé que no tenía ídolos! Pero esta vez me toca de cerca (es al p..., las cosas te tienen que pasar para entenderlas!), Cerati es parte de mi pasado, de mis momentos, de mis nostalgias, de miles de alegrías! Puedo decir que ha musicalizado gran parte de mi historia.

No te vayas,  Gustavo.
Fuerzas TOTALES!!!!!!!!!!

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Pedro Garcia Millan dijo...

Sometimes it makes one wonder WHY there are NO good people that will step up (with God as their guide) and put a STOP to these M.A.D.?? That is one of the BIGGEST questions i ask myself almost everyday! Maybe people are SCARED? Maybe they are waiting for God to MAGICALLY guide them without realizing that God doesn't work in that manner/way.

I just HOPE somebody puts a STOP to M.A.D. or we are ALL going to be really in BIG trouble!

The above is a LOT to think about, believe me, i have been living it since 2005, and jobless to boot! And i am a Dr. so go figure?? But i WILL NEVER SELL MYSELF TO A DEMON OR THE M.A.D. so how about them cookies :)

Peace be unto you and please WAKE UP PEOPLE!
+Dick Cheney Loves the demon moloch from hell and wants to destroy earth too! Just look at what his
Moloch Axis Demoniac HALLIBURTON company did in the Gulf of Mexico with the offshore oil rig…need I say more? Cheney is RESPONSIBLE for the atmospheric CHEMTRAIL pollution program sprinkling toxic Aluminum & Barium Oxide to alter the weather and poison the plants, soil and people to make way for genetically modified foodstuffs to further poison us! STOP THESE DEMONS NOW!!!!!!!